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How to deal with dry hands this winter


When you are living in a cold, dry climate, you may have to keep your hands moisturized to avoid experiencing dry and painful hands. Because of the discrepancy between indoor heat and brutal cold from outside you really can’t keep your hands as soft and moisturized as you can in warm seasons.  Other causes of cracked skin are environmental irritants, dish washing, medical conditions (diabetes, lupus, psoriasis, eczema) or if you are working in medical domain and you are a doctor or nurse and you have to wash your hands a lot or you have to use hand sanitizer. Also, hair stylist are liable to have this problem because they have to use lots of chemicals. Because of this conditions, we have to find some solutions to avoid lack of moisturizing.




  • Use moisturizers daily  – Nowadays, you can find hand moisturizers everywhere and you have to use them after every wash to keep you hands as soft as possible. If you can’t do this, you  can just use a hand cream before going to sleep . You can also use several oils for similar results.



  • Wear gloves – When you are feeling like the weather is so cold and you have to wear a hat, think twice and use also a pair of gloves. Cashmere or wool gloves are the best for wind and for keeping  your hands warm. You have to wash the dishes again or clean the house? Put a pair of rubber gloves, especially in the winter.

  • Use a natural soap for washing your hands – Mostly all the soaps you find on a market contain harsh chemical detergents as ingredients, so they are very harsh for your skin. Choose a natural soap or you can even make it by yourself.  (



  • Use SPF every day – Remember the first time you heard you always have to use a SPF for skincare to avoid having earlier wrinkles? Try to keep that in mind also for you hands. Protect them from sun rays and sun burns with moisturizing sunscreen, it does wonders !


  • Try an overnight treatment  – When you are dealing with a serious problem regarding the dryness of your skin, you can try to treat it overnight by using a lot of moisturizing creams and helping in the keeping the lotion in touch with the skin by putting socks or gloves over the hands.


  • Buy a humidifier  – This humidifier doesn’t work just for helping you breathing when you have respiratory issues, it can also protect your skin from feeling harsh if you are living in a dry environment or dealing with cold winter.


  • Exfoliate – Exfoliation helps you to remove dry damaged skin and the moisturizer will get in your skin much better.


  • Don’t use hand dryers – These can dry your skin and it’s better for you to use paper  towels.


  • Drink water –  The best advice for dry skin.


So, don’t forget about your hands during winter season . They also need to be pampered in order to deal with cold weather 🙂

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