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The Ultimate Guide To Nail Shape


       You don’t think so much about your nail shape, maybe sometimes you want to change it and after doing that, you come back to your classic shape. Despite this, any manicurist can approve that nail shape is important and it’s the base of a perfect manicure. If you get compliments about your nail color and design, if you have the right shape you’ll definitely be more flattered and the hand itself will be more appealing. So, to figure out which nail shape is the best one for is important. Let’s see the most common nail shapes and find which one suits you.

Round Shaped Nails

If you have short nails, you can create the effect of longer fingers by choosing round shape nails. Those nails with naturally curved edge have short length and they are perfect for those who have short and wide fingers. This shape helps the nail to appear thinner and longer. They also are easy to maintain at home, but also at the salon and they are ideal for any type of polish color, especially for neutral ones. So, if you want to elongate your fingers, choose this shape.


 Square Shaped Nails

Another shape you can try for shorter nails is square shape, characterized by straight sides and straight edges. This shape is also easy to maintain and gives you an elegant look. You also get visible width to the appearance of your manicure by using this style. Square shaped nails are perfect for those with thin hands and long fingers. I recommend bright and bold colors for this type of nails.


Almond Shaped Nails

This type of elongated nail with tapered tips doesn’t work on short nails, but it looks perfect on longer lengths. The chicest type of nails should work with neutral and nude polishes. It’s a combination of oval and stiletto and is suits those persons with thin and long nails. If you have this type of nails, you should give it a try.


Oval Shaped Nails

A feminine style, an oval shape is a medium to long shape that end in a semi-circle, the nails are similar to almond nails but they are more delicate. To achieve this look, your nails have to grow slightly beyond your fingertip. They are ideal for any type of nails and the shape creates the illusion of longer fingers. This natural look need a bold shade of polish like red or metallic colors.



It’s like an rectangle with soft corners. Kind of nice and elegant. This mixture of square and oval shape looks good on short and long fingers and the perfect polish for it’s a dark one.


Coffin/Ballerina Shaped Nails

Also know as ballerina shape, this style of nails look like both a coffin and a ballet slipper. It’s a long shape nail and sophisticated, but in order to try it, you should have long and sturdy nails. This type of shape is hard to get with natural nails, you should try this look with acrylic nails. Perfect polish for this look is a natural one, but matte.



This style is not so easy to achieve and your nails have to be long. It’s also better to use acrylics for this shape if you don’t have strong nails. If you like to dare and be eccentric, this is the perfect shape for you, nails with dramatic pointed tip. Be brave enough to also use some glitter or gems for this manicure!

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