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Proof That COCONUT OIL Really Works

I really think that coconut oil is that good-at-all product. You can use it for cooking, but many people don’t know the other benefits for it. Nowadays, most products (even shampoo or showering gel) contain coconut oil. But you can also use if from the jar and enjoy it the same.

Coconut oil contains a unique combination of natural fats, is naturally antibacterial and you can extract it from coconut’s mature meat. Let’s find out the best beauty hacks you can do using this product.

Hair Treatment

Coconut oil really does wonders for dry and damaged hair. It’s a natural nourisher for your hair. You can apply it on dry hair from roots to ends. Wrap your hair in a towel and leave it as much as possible. After that, use your daily shampoo. You will feel your hair very silky! Moreover, if you rub this oil on your scalp, you will stimulate your hair growth.

Makeup Remover

Have you used waterproff mascara and you don’t have the proper makeup remover? No problem. Coconut oil is also good at this. Use cotton pads and apply some coconut oil on it. Use it the same as you use the makeup remover, and gently wash your face after that.

Body Scrub

Feeling like you want to exfoliate your skin? Combine have a cup of coconut oil with a natural exfoliant like coffee or sea salt or even sugar. You’ll get the best body scrub.

Lip Balm

Having chapped lips? You’ve forgotten to buy a lip balm? The solution is using coconut oil. Its moisturizing effects will be ideal for your lips.

Undereye Cream

Tired of underye bags and fine lines? Do you think an eye cream is kind of expensive? The benefits of coconut oil can also be used as underdeye cream.

Body Moisturizer

Having lots of fatty acids, coconut oil it’s the most effective moisturizer, it will make your skin shine and feel so soft. Use it after shower, it also has a great smell!

Face Mask

Prepare the perfect handmade facemask by using some honey and by melting some coconut oil. Leave it for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, make sure your face is clean. Apply it for 10 minutes. See the results! Your face will feel like a baby’s face !

Makeup brush cleaner

Yes, you can also use coconut oil for removing makeup from your brushes. Use some soap and coconut oil in a bowl and clean your makeup brushes in the container. Your brushes are ready !


The list may continue, this product has lots of benefits and I hope I’ve shown you how good is to have some coconut oil in your house, You can find it in every grocery store or drug store. It’s not expensive and it’a must! I totally recommend it!

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