Batiste Dry Shampoo Review


For a perfect hair everyday, you have to spend many hours in front of a mirror and in case you have oily hair, the work is harder. Dry shampoo is an oil-absorbing powder. I tried many dry shampoos and I believe this one is the best. Batiste is a known UK brand with a perfect formula which offers consumers an easy solution to grease-free hair.

You can choose the scent and the type that suits better for your hair. When I use this product, I can stay 1 week and more without washing my hair with normal shampoo.


  • It makes life easier when you don’t need to wash your hair regularly
  • Reduction in hair damage
  • Less time for styling your hair
  • Easy to use
  • More hair volume
  • Cheap
  • Cool smell
  • Preserve color


  • When you don’t wash your hair with shampoo, bacteria still linger on your scalp, mostly when you work out
  • Dry shampoo doesn’t really clean your hair
  • It makes your hair dry
  • It leavs a bit of grey cast on your hair, but not too noticeable

How to use


  • Don’t spray too close to your scalp
  • Don’t use too much product
  • Don’t foget to massaging it in

Shake the can and spray Batiste into the roots. Keep the distance of 30cm from hair. After that, you cand massage through with fingertips and brush your hair as usual.

Would you buy it?

Are you kidding me ? I buy it monthly because I can’t live without this product. It’s like heaven. It helps me use less time styling and it doesn’t damage my hair.

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