CeraVe Moisturizing Cream Review

Hi guys ! I’ve been posting about my favorite serums, but I haven’t show you my current addiction. This is CeraVe Moisturising Cream, the best cream for dry skin. I myself have oily skin, but I need some hydration in cold season, so I decided to go for this moisturizer.

The product comes in the jar package like the one I have, but also in a 50ml tube, this version is perfect for traveling. The cream is dense and thick, has a light-weight texture and is super rich and misturizing, you can’t even feel it o the skin, you can feel only the sofness of it.

First, when you apply it, it feels kind of drying, but after 10 minutes, you’ll see that your skin feels smoother than ever. It’s like heaven !


  • Best ingredients for soft skin : hyaluronic acid, cermaides, dimethicone, glycerin
  • Easy to apply and provides hydration for all the day
  • Helps your skin to be healthy and repairs damaged skin
  • No scents


  • The packages on the market aren’t quite friendly
  • It can look kind of shiny on a oily skin
  • It can be irritating for one having sensitive skin because of some ingredients


I use my serums and apply the moisturizer after them in my routine twice a day,

Worth buying?

In conclusion, this CeraVe product is the best for those who have problem with dermatitits, psoriasis, eczema but also good as a daily use for every skin type, mosty for those who need hydration. I love it !

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