Evian Facial Spray Review

I wanted to talk to you about Evian Facial Spray because this is one of my favorite products ever. I use it everyday before using my daily serums and moisturizer. The difference between this water and thermal water is that this one is from a single mineral spring. Thermal water is more recommended to use after removing your make up and you have to remove the surplus by patting a tissue because it can cause dehydrated skin. Evian Facial Spray is perfect for setting up your make up and it makes your skin look hydrated and refreshed. You can find this product in my bag every summer because I use it for hot days to keep the natural glow of my skin.


  • Good make up primer, does a better job than setting powder
  • Moisturizes dry skin
  • Cools skin in summer days
  • Great booster for serums, good before using hyaluronic acid because this acid needs water before applying it
  • You can find it in different sizes


  • A little bit pricey


Hold the bottle 12 cm away and spray on the face and let the product set on the skin for about a minute.

Would you buy it again?

Yes ! I would recommend this multi-purpose product to everyone . It’s one of my addictions.


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