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Five Unexpected Supplements That Can Make Your Dry Hair Look Better


Aren’t we all struggle with bad hair days? We sure want a shiny, healthy hair which looks great everyday. Well, nothing’s perfect but we sure can try to make it look like that. Sure, we can try using a conditioner or a hair mask, but you know what they say, beauty comes from the inside. Using hair products isn’t enough. These are the most important supplements you should use in case you want to help your hair grow healthy.

1. Iron

When we don’t have iron in our body, beside other health issues, this can also cause hair loss. These are some of iron deficiency symptoms : sore tongue, pale skin, fast heartbeat, feeling tired. You can fix this deficiency by eating red meat, brown rice, fish, green vegetables. In case you think you need some supplementing, first have your iron level checked.

2. Biotin

Biotin, known as B7, is a B-complex vitamin which has a huge importance in hair growth. If you lack of B7, you’ll see your hair is dry and thin. This vitamin turns the fats, proteins and carbs into the enegy we need. Top food sources of biotin are : tomato, beef, chicken, milk, cheese, organ meats(liver, kidney), eggs. You can also take a biotin supplements after you talk to your doctor to be sure you don’t have another health issue.

3. Amino acids

It is said that they are the most important in hair growth, because they produce keratin, the material our hair is made of. They can be found in proteic foods : eggs, cheese, meat.  These are the top amino acids for keratin hair growth : cysteine, methionine, lysine, arginine. For collagen production, we have : lysine, glycine, proline.

4. Vitamin E

This vitamin full of nutrients is good for your scalp and also for your hair growth. You can find it in avocado, nuts, seeds, spinach. Vitamin E supplements are found in pharmacy section of all big stores. The best way to take these vitamins is after speaking with a doctor because you have to find out how much you can take, too much vitamin E can harm you.

5. Omega-3s

Omega acids helps you by providing the oils that make your scalp be healthy. You can find it in walnuts, seeds, avocado, fish, seafoods. Having the right omega-3s quantity in your body will help with you sebum balance. If you want to take these supplements, you have to talk to your doctor and you’ll have to take it along with antioxidants for better results.

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