Top 10 fun and productive activities you can do on lockdown

Hello, guys! Unfortunately, most of us are dealing with a second lockdown, the coronavirus pandemic is getting worse, but we’ve all been here before and we sure can survive it again. We’ve already tried many activities from home, but staying in is the new trend and we can make it fun and productive. Taking care of our health and prevent getting ill is our first priority, but mental health is as important as it so let’s try to keep us busy in the best way there is. This is the ultimate guide of fun things and productive ways to improve ourselves.

1. Learn to cook

We all love David Beckham. Do you know his new skill after the lockdown? Cooking!  There are so many sources you can use for developing this skill, like Instagram or books or blogs. Have you always wanted to do that dish you’ve seen on TV or online? This is the perfect moment ! None of us is born with cooking skills, but we can try to develop them. So, grab that book or search on Instagram for recipes and start being a Master Chef !

2. Take a course

Having a lack of skill and wanting to improve it is lockdown’s mental medicine. If you want to learn making a blog, creating an online business or start learning web development, there are many sites with good content for you.

3. Organize your wardrobe or beauty cabinet

Living in a society where you are feeling like you don’t have time for nothing and if you are like me and postpone your task to organize your wardrobe, you should consider to do this during lockdown. Of course you have at least one pair of jeans or a dress you know is there for no reason and you’ll never wear it again. It’s time to get rid of those things and pass them to your friends or donate them. Don’t forget about beauty cabinet, there are near-empty products or expired ones which you don’t need anymore.

4. Start online Christmas shopping

Maybe it’s kind of soon, but we all wait for that Christmas mood with all those decorations and songs that comfort our souls. We hope we can see our close ones during the season, but nothing stop us from shopping already and use a courier service for the big day. You can buy them pajamas, some socks, a Christmas decoration or just sweets to enlighten the moment, there are so much ideas you could use.

5. Learn a language

Do you enjoy travelling? Unfortunately , this year we couldn’t visit those places we wanted to visit so much, but we can start learning the language used in our favorite country. Here’s the chance to improve a new skill and you can use YouTube videos or you can order some learning books.

6. Home workout

Staying in for so much time and not doing any activities can harm your weight. Start preventing that and buy a mattress and some dumbbells and start a weekly routine. There are so many exercise you could to at home and so many online videos that could help you do that. It’s all about the mindset. Try doing it at least once or twice a week, you’ll feel completely different!

7. Netflix and chill

Have you seen that “X movies/ TV shows you have to watch before you die” list? You always wanted to check that and you didn’t have time? This is the perfect moment to see all that good movies and TV shows since forever and develop your film culture.

8. Board Games or online games

If you live with your dear ones, you can do Saturday night Board Games! It’s so fun and family time is definitely the best time of our lives. You can try Rummy, Monopoly, Activity, Uno or a card game. If you live alone, you can challenge your friend for an online game.

9. Reading

I find reading being a skill but in the same time I believe it’s something fun and relaxing. I personally like self-improvement books and in case you don’t like novels, you can start reading this type of books, there are great for your development.

10. Pamper yourself

You are the most important person in your life and you deserve the pamper you always have been rescheduling. Try taking a warm bath with candles, listen to your favorite songs, do your nails, do a facial, have a tea, wear a fancy outfit on a regular day. Start taking care of yourself as much as you can and because we have more free time on lockdown, start doing it now. It will feel so goooood!

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