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Here Are 5 Ways To Grow Hair Faster

Of course we all want a strong, long and beautiful hair like that one in the magazines or in that shampoo commercial. Let’s be serious, to have that perfect hair without any hair loss isn’t enough only to take vitamins. You definitely have to follow a good hair routine even if Mother Nature loved you that much and  let you get that naturally long and thick hair. Hair growth depends on you age, health, hair type and usually hair grows half an inch max (1.2 cm) per month. You can help by this process by following this important tips and tricks :


1. Frequent trims

            Even if some experts think trimming doesn’t help you hair grow faster, if you want a healthy hair, you must trim your hair tips monthly. When you have split ends and you don’t get rid of it, you can cause your hair to break farther up, making it look thinner and not being able to grow it longer .


2. Avoid to dye or hair color

I love bleached hair, but bleaching means opening the cuticle of hair strands and this is why your hair will be damaged. If you care more about your hair health than your hair color, you must avoid this. If you choose to color your hair, it’s not that damaging, but it your hair will break off and get more fragile, meaning less length and more trims.


3. Don’t use heat tools

You have curly hair and you want to use a straightener or do you think your hair needs some volume and you want to use a curling iron? Think twice before using these tools. Heat styling tools may do a lot of damage to your hair : it may cause you hair loss and it burns your hair cuticles. Try avoiding them for daily use. If you really can’t cut it down, you must use a heat protectant.


4. Use a silk pillowcase

This one is easy. Have you ever thought using a silk pillowcase can help you grow your hair? Well, instead of using a cotton pillowcase, change it to a silk or satin one which is good because of its softness and also it doesn’t cause friction. The soft surface prevents your hair loss. It’s also very royal so you have to try it !


 5. Don’t use the “daily shampoo” technique

          If you are thinking that daily shampoo is the right choice, then you’re wrong. You often hear this because most people also say it’s not ok to let your hair dirty, but washing it regularly will do more harm than good. This will make your hair dry and it will lose its natural oils. Also, most shampoos have sulfate and you should avoid them. Moreover, don’t skip the conditioner or the hair mask, they prevent those split ends.


So, don’t forget about the most important factor of hair growth : patience.  You must have patience and keep a plan, also don’t stop doing treatments like taking vitamins if needed. If your dream is to have the perfect silky hair, believe me it’s a difficult task, but not impossible. Keeping it hydrated and avoiding heat tools may lead you to accomplish your goal. Good luck !

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