Bio-Oil Review

Bio-Oil is know for its ability to comfort your skin and better the appearance. Dermatologist-recommented product, Bio-Oil does the work for improving scars and stretch marks.

I’ve been having stretch marks since I was a teen and I’ve been wanting to get rid of them since then. I don’t think there is a cure for stretch marks, I’ve tried many products and procedures except for microdermabrasion and laser therapy,

I’ve also seen many celebrities having stretch marks. They definetly have the money to do a laser therapy for their stretch marks and it seems that even with this procedure you can’t really get rid of them. So..all we have to do is hope there will be soon a cure for this scars and try to improve the appearance until then.

Bio-Oil is the realistic solution for stretch marks. This oil leaves your skin feeling smooth and it’s filled with vitamins ( Vitamin A – helps in formating new collagen, Vitamin E – protects skin from premature aging, PurcellinOil – for skin smoothing).


  • It absorbs quickly into the skin
  • It smoothes out stretch marks
  • It’s easy to apply
  • It heals scars
  • It clears acne scars
  • It helps to balance uneven skin tone
  • Prevents aging


  • Not suitable for oily skin
  • A little of bit expensive
  • You should use it for a minimum of 3 months to see some results


Apply a few drops betweend your fingers and massage the affected area in a circular motion. Do this twice a day for at least for three months.

Would I buy it again?

Yes, it’s the only product with good results for my scars and I think it’s worth rebuying! Your skin will love you for using this product.

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